City of Jackson hopes to have all broken water mains fixed by Fr - - Jackson, MS

City of Jackson hopes to have all broken water mains fixed by Friday afternoon

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Thursday marked day 8 of the water crisis in Jackson, and that day finally bore some good news. The city hopes to have all 139 broken water mains fixed by Friday evening.

"My daughter's been out of school all week. They're gonna re-assess next Tuesday and possibly re-open, and we've had to miss work and stay home with her. It's something City officials need to look at," said Joe Yarbro, who lives by a water main that leaked for four days before crews fixed it Thursday evening.

The three city crews and eight contract crews have been working hard, and as fast as they can.

"A lot of these guys will have been working for twelve days straight, twelve hours a day. They need a day off. So what I'd like to do is stagger them in with days off this weekend, keeping the remainder on standby," explained Bob Miller, Jackson's Public Works Director.

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The crews are on standby in case we see more problems this weekend, when temperatures will once again drop into the 20s, and stay there.

"Who knows what to expect," laughed Yarbro. "Hopefully it'll hold."

There are also engineers going through checking for closed transmission valves that might lower water pressure. 

"We still get pressure, but not the full pressure that you'd like to have. So we're getting those problems resolved," said Miller.

"After the city fixes a broken water main, they'll test the water by that line, and when it comes back clean for two days in a row, they'll lift the boil water notice for that area.

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