Winter weather impacts motorists throughout metro - - Jackson, MS

Winter weather impacts motorists throughout metro

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MADISON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Winter weather impacted motorists in the metro throughout the day as the flakes started falling heavily at mid morning.   

In Madison, the Parkway flyover was closed first thing after the roadway and bridges began to ice over.

Parts of I-55 became a skating rink, motorists sliding skidding and unable to stop.

Ridgeland was reporting seven wrecks by noon.

A tanker truck jackknifed over Colony Parkway Boulevard spilling diesel fuel. The driver able to walk away.

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Other motorists injured as they slammed into each other on the slippery road surface.

MDOT crews worked feverishly spreading DE-icer and salt and sand, trying to give traction to bridges as the snow continued to fall throughout the day. 

Some motorists were braver than others, tackling the dangerous driving conditions.

"I don't think you have to sit down and if you want to go somewhere I think you can," said Lavelle Johnson. "I don't know about the highways. You may want to stay off the highways and keep to the city streets. It looks like it's pretty safe." 

With cold weather settling in through Thursday, driving conditions are not expected to improve overnight.

FIRST ALERT ACTION DAY: Snow tapers tonight; icy roads, harshly cold Wednesday

"The temps are going to drop," explained Melinda McGrath. "Then it's going to freeze more at night. You cannot see these ice patches, so we really ask everyone to be off the roads by dark."

MDOT officials are asking motorists to remain off the roads as they make several passes through the same roads, spreading salt and DE-icer, to melt the ice.

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