Snow and cold cause headaches as more water mains break in Jacks - - Jackson, MS

Snow and cold cause headaches as more water mains break in Jackson

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

The arrival of snow and icy roads are not the only challenge here in Jackson as an already distressed water system is now facing new ruptured water mains.

Public Works officials say most of the old underground pipes are no match for the cold, but they are trying their best to fix the problem.

Public Works crews braved the bone-chilling temperatures Tuesday morning to battle the outbreak of water main breaks popping up in the Capital City.

City officials say there were five breaks Tuesday, 12 Friday and at least three over the weekend.

“I woke up yesterday morning and there's water gushing out of my street and covered my car in dirt and asphalt and the car was frozen shut,” said Joseph Knight.

The infrastructure nightmare began more than a week ago when the first round of cold weather moved in to Jackson. Public Works even called in contractors to help repair more than 130 breaks.

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Water woes forced Jackson to issue a city-wide boil water alert and businesses and schools shut down for days.

Residents also see the water woes as a big headache.

“You need water.  You must take showers, you have to have to use the restroom, and things of that nature, wash your dishes, so we definitely will need water," said Jackson resident Wilbert Stuckey. "Hopefully, they will figure something out.”

“It is extremely frustrating," said Knight. "I think everyone in the city feels the same way, we just feel helpless and it just gets old and you get used to it, and that is the worst thing.”

Public Works Director Robert Miller understands these folks' frustrations.  

Miller says his team, along with contractors, will work 12-hour shifts to fix the breaks as quickly as they pop up, because they understand it's an inconvenience to residents and businesses.

“If they fix break here, another will happen there because the pipes are old,” said Stuckey.

“It is just annoying because the pipes are 100-years-old and it should have been fixed a long time ago,” said Knight.

Jackson’s public works director says a maintenance crew has also been staying overnight at the water plant to quickly react to problems.

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