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At a time when there is much dysfunction and frustration with Washington, Mississippi has been fortunate to have someone represent the state who is professional, intelligent and didn’t embarrass us by getting caught up in some D.C. scandal.

Announcing he would not pursue a sixth term, Congressman Gregg Harper will call it quits when his fifth term expires early next year.

His announcement not to seek re-election caught many people by surprise and has sparked a flurry of speculation about who might run to fill Mississippi’s 3rd Congressional District seat. In some ways it has advanced the discussion about the 2019 election for statewide offices. Early polling suggests the Governor’s race could be very interesting and a very close contest if expected candidates enter the race. What was once thought to be a guaranteed next step for Lt. Governor Tate Reeves is now anything but. This unexpected Congressional race could also impact those contests. And although he is retiring from Congress, I would not be surprised if Gregg Harper’s name is included in those discussions.

Traveling to D.C. every week is a huge commitment and means being away from family, and family is very important to Gregg Harper. Although the environment in Washington is challenging, spending more time with his family is a key factor affecting his decision. Leaving a positive legacy is a wonderful way to wrap up 10 years of service and we thank Congressman Harper for being such a respected statesman for Mississippi.

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