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Dangerous flu strain showing up in metro area

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CLINTON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Flu season began early in Mississippi and the peak isn't even here yet. 

Doctors' offices are filled with patients complaining of symptoms.

Medical professionals say a dangerous strain is showing up in the metro.

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"Some of the strains are really something to worry about," said family practitioner Dr. William Grantham.

The MEA physician, located in Clinton, says most facilities are seeing seven to ten flu cases per day. 

The "A" strain, which is typically worse, is what doctors are seeing most.

"One of the strains is quite dangerous, even affecting some people who would otherwise seem healthy," said Grantham. "Nationally, some of the deaths are being reported as tied more to the "A" type".

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Clinton resident Frank Watkins says he tries to avoid crows of people who may have the virus.

While avoiding crowds, he's also avoided the flu by following his doctor's advice.

"I got the flu shot, and normally if you wash your hands and drink plenty of fluids and orange juice and stuff like that, normally you're protected," said Watkins.

Mississippi is one of six states reporting the highest level of flu activity. 

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Doctors say if you are diagnosed with the virus, Tamiflu will help.

"Within the first 48 hours of symptoms and they confirm positive, Tamiflu is a drug which can be used to try to help minimize the severity and duration of the illness," added Dr. Grantham.

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Dr. Grantham reminds the public that a flu shot will not give you the influenza virus and it takes two weeks for the vaccine to get into your system.

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