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Teens eat detergent pods in new social media challenge

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JACKSON METRO AREA, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

A new social media challenge is sweeping the internet and resulting in a trip to the emergency room for some teens.

It’s called the Tide Pods challenge.

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Teens are recording themselves eating the detergent pods as part of a new social media challenge.

It’s gotten so bad, Tide enlisted the help of NFL player Rob Gronkowski in this video, to persuade teens not to do the challenge.

Dr. Robert Cox, director of the Mississippi Poison Control Center, said the department usually sees cases involving young children eating the pods, not teenagers.

“When its swallowed, some of it goes into the lungs and it can be very corrosive,” Dr. Cox said. “It can cause a real nasty pneumonia and in the worst case can kill people.”

When ingested, Cox said users can experience life-threatening pneumonia and symptoms such as coughing, gagging and shortness of breath.

“Occasionally, our pulmonary people are able to go on and do what we call a washout and try to get some of it out but if it’s already produced chemical damage, it’s dangerous to do as well. So, really it’s just supportive care and hoping the body can recover from it.”

Some parents who had not heard about the challenge were shocked to hear teens are intentionally eating the detergent pods.

“That is crazy, I’ve never heard of that and I don’t know why anybody would want to eat washing detergent,” said Delorise Love. “Those are bad chemicals that are not meant for eating so I don’t think that’s a good challenge. I would definitely discourage kids from doing that.”

That’s the same message Dr. Cox had for teens thinking about trying the social media challenge.

“Don’t do it, it’s a stupid thing to do!” said Dr. Cox. 

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