Co-worker reflects on time working alongside "The Snake Man" - - Jackson, MS

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Co-worker reflects on time working alongside "The Snake Man"

Percy King.....Source: Facebook Percy King.....Source: Facebook
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Source: Facebook Source: Facebook
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JACKSON METRO AREA, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

The Jackson community mourns the death of a retired zookeeper, also known as "The Snake Man".

57-year-old Percy King was killed in a double homicide on Scott Street in Jackson on January 19.

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Willie Bennett, an animal care supervisor at the Jackson Zoo, worked with King for 11 years.

“Hearing about Mr. King’s death yesterday devastated the zoo family,” Bennett said. ‘Mainly because Percy was such an inspirational part of the zoo for over 11 years.”

Bennett said he was at work when he got the news about King’s death.

“Another employee told me and it was just a big shock,” Bennett said. “Percy being the person that he was, being the person that he was raised to be and being the person, we know him of, it’s just a shock. We never felt like anybody would do anything like that to Mr. King. Mainly because of the inspiration of that he tried to put on others.”

Bennett described King as an outgoing person that liked to see his coworkers happy and said he always came through when his family went through difficult times.

“If anybody was feeling down, Percy was the one that cheered everybody up,” Bennett said. “He’s the one that was the jokester, he was the one that was the prankster, he’s the one that had that smile when everyone else felt down.”

Throughout their 11 years of working together, Bennett said he admired the respect King had for others the most.

“He traveled with a lot of high-profile people with the state, he knew a lot of them but Percy was still just level headed,” Bennett said. “He didn’t let none of that make him feel he was better than he was. He was just down to earth. If he did anything with the city, anything for the school systems, anything for private functions he took his animals to, he was just always Percy.”

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