Former Tchula Police Chief accuses Yazoo City of wrongful termin - - Jackson, MS

Former Tchula Police Chief accuses Yazoo City of wrongful termination

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YAZOO CITY, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Yazoo City and their police department could soon be slapped with a lawsuit.

Former Tchula Police Chief Kenneth Hampton claims he was wrongfully terminated by Yazoo City's top cop last month. 

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“There is corruption within the police department and there is corruption within the city's leadership,” said embattled police officer Kenneth Hampton.

Recently fired police officer Kenneth Hampton is making strong allegations.

He worked at the department since 2014 even while he served as Chief of Police for the Town of Tchula.  Hampton claims shortly after the new chief, Ron Sampson Sr. took over as Yazoo City’s top cop in 2017, trouble started brewing between the two.

“He ordered me to write up a female because she had A sexual harassment complaint and the plans were to get rid of her and there has been too many incidents," said Hampton. "I brought it to the mayor and hopefully she was going to show it to the board, a video of officers doing illegal practices when it comes to following the law." 

Hampton claims, in a three-page document, that when he didn't follow unlawful orders, he was targeted, humiliated and his character defamed by the chief.

“I got wrote up for wearing a body cam, I got wrote up for missing meeting and given way beyond the limit as far as suspension,” added Hampton.

Hampton claims he was finally dismissed for defying orders to arrest and charge a former officer.

“The chief wanted to arrest a former police officer and charge him with domestic violence, but the incident didn't fit the criteria," said Hampton. "I told the chief the same and basically, on one his comments were, 'you can make any charge stick'.”

According to Hampton's termination letter, his violations date back to 2015. Mayor Diane Delaware was unavailable for comment.  

Chief Sampson said that while this is a personal matter, Hampton knows why he was fired.

As police chief, he does not have the authority to hire or fire. He brings complaints to the board and they make the final decision.

He also points out the department is not corrupt, and he never ordered Hampton to do anything improper.

Hampton is now taking steps to sue the chief and city.

“Sometimes you have to hurt their pocket," said Hampton. "I think it is going to be painful for them and it is painful for me because this is my hometown and I didn't want to drag them through this, but they basically left me no choice.”

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