Mayor of Vicksburg visits President Trump - - Jackson, MS

Mayor of Vicksburg visits President Trump

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VICKSBURG, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

The Mayor of Vicksburg is back in the River City after traveling to Washington D.C.

Flaggs is one of several mayors taking part in a special event called Mayor's Day at the White House: A Conversation with President Trump.   

From the mayor's office at city hall in Vicksburg to the Oval Office in Washington D.C., a rare opportunity for Mayor George Flaggs to meet with President Donald Trump; a meeting Mayor Flaggs says he couldn't pass up.

“I think politics is becoming too divisive and I am not into that," said Mayor Flaggs. "I'm into policy-making and bridging gaps. I want to be known as the mayor who works with people.” 

Mayor Flaggs says President Trump spoke to a small group of Mayors about his accomplishments and what his administration has in store for 2018.

“Basically, he was talking about the things that he accomplished in the first year," added Flaggs. "He talked good about the economy, and the employment rate was coming down. I think we all share the same common goals about municipalities and governing our cities. We need some relief from some of the bureaucracy and we need some funds."

Flaggs says he was also able to share with Trump's team some of the things on city’s wish list, especially the need to invest in the crumbling infrastructure in Vicksburg. He says it will take millions to fix the Kemp Bottom Road Bridge that recently collapsed and leads to the main power plant in town. Flaggs says also he wants more money to help improve his more than 50-year-old water treatment plant that contributed to a citywide water outage last year.

“I will go to White House as many times as it takes to bring money to the City of Vicksburg,” said Flaggs.

 Flaggs plans to return to the White House in March to talk with Trump about more issues facing Vicksburg.

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