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3 on the Road: State Poem

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TUPELO, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Patricia Neely-Dorsey’s verses are always about Mississippi or the South. And her “Meet My Mississippi” about sums up what a lot of people think of our state.

“I wrote my very first poem February 14, 2007. I just woke up out of my sleep with a poem swirling around in my head. And I just got up and scribbled it down and after that, the poems just started to flow.”

For Patricia Neely-Dorsey, those poems have flowed into three books of her verses. And her favorite subject matter is where she lives.

“Oh, everything about Mississippi, I love it," said Patricia. "I went to school at Boston University and half of my friends called me Tupelo and the other half called me Mississippi because that is all I would talk about. I would always be telling them about how much I love Mississippi.”

That is what her poems are all about, her reflections of here.

“They’re Southern, Southern and Mississippi," added Patricia. "And my slogan is ‘Always, Always celebrating the South and promoting a positive Mississippi.’”

Which brings us to the matter at hand. One of Patricia Neely-Dorsey’s poems, “Meet My Mississippi” has caught the attention of the legislature for consideration to be the State Poem of Mississippi.

There are only five states that have state poems. And hers lives up to her slogan of saying positive things about Mississippi.

“There is so many negative connotations associated with Mississippi and the South in general. And in my poems, I just try to show them there is so much to the story than all the negatives they have heard. That’s me. I’m trying to show you the flip side of the coin,” added Patricia.

She’s a writer who writes about what’s right, and what’s good. And she doesn’t have to look far for her subject matter. It’s right here In Mississippi. 

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