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3 on the Road: Flying Cloud/Snow Geese

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HUMPHREYS COUNTY, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

I had spoken to the Indianola Rotary Club that day at noon and was meandering my way back home getting some still shots of the Delta, and I particularly wanted to get a shot of the Midnight, Mississippi sign because my friend Charles Thomas in Yazoo County tells people he lives between Midnight and Daybreak, place names not times of day, and I may want to do a story about that someday.

Then south of Louise heading toward Yazoo City, suddenly I spied this undulating dark cloud crossing the road ahead of me. I grabbed my handheld camera to get a shot of it before it got away.

I knew it was birds. And from experiences trying to photograph masses of flying birds in the past, I also know they are quick and can disburse or fly out of camera range faster than you can stop and haul out your tripod and set up a good shot.

So forgive the shakiness of the shots because I did this all handheld before they got away, but let me show you what I saw in the Delta the other day, somewhere between Midnight and Daybreak.

These are snow geese. The adults are white except for their black wing tips. The juveniles are brown. Well, brown to me. Articles I looked up on Google say the young ones are blue; the same color as the brown, blue heron, I guess.

There must be millions of these birds out here. And if not that many in this particular flock, then there are millions scattered out over the Delta right now. Word has evidently spread down the goose grapevine that our Delta is loaded with corn kernels that fell off the ears when harvested and some soybeans that didn’t make it into the combine; enough to snack on until it thaws out up north for the summer.

Our homegrown varieties of birds that stay here in Mississippi all the time join right in with the big boys, and girls.

Big flocks of the snow geese aren’t difficult to find in the Delta right now. I’ve seen them a bunch of times. But usually, they are like this, foraging on the ground. I don’t ever recall ever seeing them flying in their tight cloud formation. And as amazing as it is to see the huge numbers of them on the ground when they make their flying cloud they are astounding.

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