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Remembering Jackson restaurant owner Ms. Peaches

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JACKSON METRO AREA, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Wilora Ephram, owner of Ms. Peaches restaurant died on Jan. 28  after battling pancreatic cancer. She moved from Utica, Mississippi to Jackson in 1948 and started her career at the Blackstone Café located on Farish Street.

After 12 years there, she had the opportunity to open her own restaurant on Farish Street named Ms. Peaches Café.

Ms. Peaches Café became known as the place to be in Jackson, as it garnered the attention of high-profile celebrities, including Muhammad Ali and President Barack Obama.

Ms. Peaches also became somewhat a celebrity herself, Ephram said she was featured in a biopic about singer James Brown and the restaurant was also used as the backdrop for several album covers.

“Gosh, it was just so great!” said Roderick Ephram, her son. “Especially when you’re a little boy, you get to meet historical people. We had great people down there. Black, white, everybody. It was just a fun time on Farish Street.”

Ms. Peaches also gained popularity among the people who visited her restaurant every day.

Ephram said he’s talked to people from Russia, China and other people from across the world, all through their experience at Ms. Peaches Café.

“I guess that’s why they call it soul food,” added Ephram. “She was really passionate about it and she really thought it could connect people because she thought food didn’t have a color. You could be black, white, it didn’t make a difference. If you had good food, good personality, good attitude, and a lot of prayer, you could reach anyone.”

Under the supervision of Ms. Peaches, Roderick began managing the restaurant with his mother in 1994 until it closed in 2015.

“I have seen her come up with some nice recipes as far as bread pudding and chicken and dumplings,” said Ephram. “Just the way she de-boned the meat, just the way she made her dough, just the way she cooked her candied yams and stuff, the way she cut her yams and potatoes, she was very precise and a perfectionist with what she did.”

Out of all the lessons he learned from his mother over the years, he said he admired her passion for people the most.

“She didn’t care if you were homeless if you were a doctor, a lawyer, she really had a great passion for people,” Ephram said. “She wanted to show people love and I hope that’s one of the things I pick up; meeting strangers, having a positive attitude, and just a passion for all of God’s people.”

Ephram said funeral services will be held at 11 a.m. on February 3 at Rosemount Missionary Baptist Church.

He asked for visitors to make donations to Collins Funeral Home in her name, to help cover her medical expenses.

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