Metal thieves raid old Jackson Enterprise Center - - Jackson, MS

Metal thieves raid old Jackson Enterprise Center

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

The deserted property that used to be the Jackson Enterprise Center has been getting quite a few unwelcome visitors lately.  

Scrap metal thieves have taken over the property, and they're stripping the building to it's studs. One man was taking pallets out of a warehouse on the west side of the building. Out front, almost every window frame has been taken and turned into cash at local metal recycle centers.

Guy Barron says he's been living here for a year, trying to keep the metal thieves out."Grabbing what they can get out of it, take the whole front of it off.  I don't know if it's because it caught on fire they think they can just do that but there's several places around here you can see this being done like that."

All metals are a premium, even pipes with water running through them, causing catastrophic flooding on the property. Broken water lines are now creating a rain storm inside the building.  Several feet of water flooding basements, which has now turned a green color, mixing with who knows what.

Nina Holbrook who has worked for years with the Highway 80 coalition said, "Can't believe the water that is being wasted there and our water pressure in Jackson is at it's lowest. Somebody's going to have to pay for all that water. Whose it going to be?"

Holbrook is shocked the downfall of the old GE property was allowed to be taken this far. Holbrook also said, "I can't imagine that the police, city of Jackson, people who own the building are letting this happen.  It's just unreal."

Guy Barron took us on a short tour inside the warehouse buildings, where there were abandoned cars, lots of trash and standing water, and some vehicles hidden in dark corners, that were occupied.  A million square foot property quickly becoming an eyesore inside and out.

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