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Burst pipe at vacant home floods neighboring properties

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

A burst pipe at a vacant Jackson house has flooded the yards of neighboring homes for weeks. One homeowner had to go to great lengths to stop the leak and find out who owns the property.

"It was coming all across all that garbage and stuff, floated all down here," said Rose Mack while pointing to the path water spread across her backyard from the house next door.

According to Mack, her yard and neighbor's property were flooded by a ruptured pipe at the vacant house at 4115 Hanging Moss Road during the January freeze.

For more than three weeks the Jackson homeowner said water ran from the leak at the house.

"Between my house and her house was just like a river, a little pond," said Mack. "You can see where it was coming all up under my car, coming on down to my foundation".

She contacted the Hinds County Tax Assessors Office and found that because of delinquent taxes the house was purchased through auction by TTLBL LLC in San Diego. 

The frustrated homeowner sent them a certified letter describing the problem and damages, called the buyer's number and still has gotten no answer. 

"I had to pay a man to go and find the meter and cut the water off about three days ago. I had called the city twice," said Mack, "But nobody ever came".

Community Improvement has sent the company a certified letter.

"We notify them that we received a complaint, in this case being a water leak and what do you all intend to do about it," said JPD Commander Jay Coleman with Community Improvement.

Meanwhile, the 40-year-old homeowner wants city and state leaders to put an end to negligent absentee property owners.

"Why would they allow people all over the United States they tell me to come in and bid on property and don't take care of it and let it tear up other people's property," asked Mack.

To register a complaint about water leaks on neglected or abandoned property you can contact Jackson Community Improvement at 601-960-1054 or 601-960-0665.

The city agency will send an officer to investigate and depending upon the circumstances after contacting the delinquent property owners charge them for cleanup and repairs or place a lien on the property to recoup the costs.

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