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3 on the Road: Historical Markers/Brother Rogers

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

They are all over the place, our historical markers. They tell about people, places, and events that are parts of the story that make up who we are. But who knows what they say.

They’re hard to get to, or hard to stop for. Oh, here’s one. No parking place, oh well. Sometimes they are just little dots that you can hardly see. So there are all sorts of reasons not to read them.

“I drive past by them all the time. I don’t have time to stop.”  But in so doing, we are passing by our history. 

But thanks to the energy of a friend of mine in Jackson, Brother Rogers, who works with Archives and History and also thanks to the internet, we can now ALL peruse our historical markers, blues trail markers Freedom Trail markers and country music trail markers, at our leisure because Brother has taken several years and shot pictures of them all and posted them.

“Back in May of 2014, I was at Mississippi University for Women, said Brother. "It looked very nice and I thought I would take a picture of it and maybe put it on Facebook.  And somehow from that first picture I ended up going to all 82 counties and taking pictures of every historical marker I could find and putting them on a web site, Mississippi Markers dot Com, because it can be kind of dangerous to stop on the side of the road and read a marker. Or you may go past it really fast.”

It may be coincidental but I think it’s a good happenstance that this story about history markers is airing on the first day of Black History Month. Because it points out the fact that we have history all around us. And knowing our history is important.

And each one of these markers that we have around Mississippi is interesting paragraphs or at least sentences in the story that makes up what we are. 

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