Hotel Safety for Children - - Jackson, MS

Hotel Safety for Children staff

It's time for summer vacations, and many people fill up the nation's hotels -- either on their way to a vacation-spot destination or as the primary destination of their summer getaway.

When staying at a hotel or motel with children, it's wise to enforce the same safety and security rules you employ at home, such as:

Never allow a child to answer the door.

Keep children close to you when shopping, dining or checking in/out. Don't expect hotel or motel employees to be your free baby sitters.

Consider placing a tag with an emergency phone number inside your child's clothing in case you are separated.

Discuss with older children the evacuation plan posted in your room in case of a fire or other emergency.

Allow swimming only if a family member or lifeguard is supervising a child's activity.

Keep young children away from sliding doors and windows, especially if your room is not on the first floor.

Don't use crib or playpen equipment supplied by a hotel or motel that has loose hardware, tears or holes in the meshing. Soft bedding, and plush quilts, pillows or comforters can cause suffocation.

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