Mother of Jackson murder victim angry that daughter's accused ki - - Jackson, MS

Mother of Jackson murder victim angry that daughter's accused killer is released from jail

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Unanswered questions from the mother of a woman killed in Jackson last year.  She couldn't believe it when one of Chelsie Kirschten's accused killers was released from jail after being denied bond. Twenty-one-year-old Nicholas Coats is charged with murdering the 23-year-old back in August.

“It is like the sick feeling in the pit of your stomach," said Stacey Kirschten, the victim's mom. "Is this really happening, and it is already bad when you wake up and this is your life now. My life is nothing like it use to be.” 

Kirschten says she has been living a nightmare since her daughter, Chelsie was gunned down last year. Now to hear that Nicholas Coats was released from jail and she didn't know about it was even more shocking and upsetting.

“I want to know who specifically signed the papers, opened the door and let him walk free out of jail and I want to know why what's the justification,” added Kirschten.

Twenty-one-year-old Nicholas Coats and Ladrius Dixion are charged with her daughter's murder. Coats was released from jail last month. His attorney, Damon Stevenson says under the terms of his bond order that was set in October, if Coats was not indicted by January 2 he didn't have to stay behind bars.

“The judge decided in this case that 90 days will be enough to present this case to the grand jury," said Stevenson. "For whatever reason, that didn't happen and, so you got to understand everybody has rights, even the accused because they have not been accused,” said Stevenson.

Hinds County District Attorney Robert Shuler Smith disagrees. He says Coats should have been brought back to court for a status hearing instead of an automatic release.  He has since filed a motion to reverse what he calls a wrongful release. The D-A's office is also working to bring this Coats’ case before a grand jury.

“I want to be able to believe in the system again," said Kirschten. "You asked me what I wanted and that is to believe in the system, again and know that it is working.”

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