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Mississippi company aids startups, adding jobs and revenue

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Young entrepreneurs and people with good ideas are turning to a local company to make those dreams a reality.

Innovate Mississippi is transforming startup companies into brick and mortar businesses, creating jobs and revenue for the state.

"I knew there could be a better way that podcasters could find each other and people could find podcasters that are created in their local areas," said Beau York, owner of Satchel Podcast Player in Jackson.

So York took his idea to Innovate Mississippi. 

The company helps startups and entrepreneurs develop business strategies and grow.

The 33-year-old created the world's first location-based podcast discovery tool. His studio is in the same building as Innovate Mississippi in downtown Jackson.

"We've got some extremely talented people here and the more organizations like Innovate that can be here to support that innovation and to support," added York. "Especially young entrepreneurs who are really trying to figure out this whole entrepreneurship culture. Organizations like Innovate are completely and totally necessary."

In the past 20 years, Innovate Mississippi has helped create over 1,200 new companies, connecting them with over $172 million in seed and venture capital.

"There's a budding little tech center in Jackson, Mississippi," said Richard Sun with Innovate Mississippi. "We're helping to grow it. Innovate starts technology or innovative companies. We're downtown."

"Hoodwink was an idea I had years ago when I saw a car show and all the cars there had hood ornaments," said Joey Ford. "And I thought cars today don't have hood ornaments, so that could be a market."

The 18-year-old is in Innovate Mississippi's first coding class.

The Salt Lake City native was in class two floors up from their office when he pitched his idea of producing aluminum hood ornaments.

Innovate helped Ford and partner Zuryk Rushing locate Hoodwink a few doors down from his coding class.

"While we're coding, we're surrounded by people who help startup companies and personally myself, as an entrepreneur, I want to start a business," added Ford. "I want to start a business and so that's how it came about."

Public and private sector sponsors help provide financing to build these Mississippi companies, so far creating more than 6,000 jobs.

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