Lawmaker holds up gun during debate on gun laws - - Jackson, MS

Lawmaker holds up gun during debate on gun laws

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

There's renewed debate about who can carry a gun in this state and where. The House has been discussing a bill that would let some people sue over gun-carry bans on public property, specifically enhance concealed carry permit holders.

WATCH: Mississippi lawmaker pulls out handgun on House floor during debate

"I'm sure everybody knows what this is and yesterday it was expressed to us that the law says that we can bring this in here with this," said Representative Charles Young as he held up a gun while speaking on the House floor. "This is the new concealed carry permit."

Representative Charles Young says he wants clarification about the carry rules within the Capitol. But this didn't sit well with some members.

"There's probably as many as 30-40 members packing heat every day but that's the first time I've seen one pull it out and use it to make a point," noted Representative Steve Holland.

Young says a legislative rule notes that only law enforcement can carry in the building unless a majority of legislators grant someone permission to carry.

"I don't want the members of the House and Senate to be bigots and hypocrites by not establishing a procedure that we are going to follow," said Young.

But Judiciary B Committee Chairman Andy Gipson says the rule is clear.

"He did show he had an enhanced conceal carry license," noted Gipson. "But I think he did something that no responsible conceal carry holder would do in brandishing the firearm. That's actually against the law. Under our house rule, persons authorized by law to carry concealed weapons are allowed to do so."

Either way, where those permit holders can carry is again an issue of debate. House Bill 1083 would void rules at public places like universities or courthouses that limit where permit holders can carry.

"What we became aware of is that some state agencies are adopting rules that violate black letter law. It's been on the books for 7 years," added Gipson.

After Wednesday's debate, the SEC Commissioner sent a letter to the Ole Miss Chancellor and Mississippi State President saying the SEC opposes guns at sports venues. Members who oppose the bill think places like Universities and courthouses should be exceptions to the law.

We should note, Representative Young’s gun was unloaded. House Bill 1083 has now passed the House and is headed to the Senate for more debate.

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