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Alex Deaton returned To Mississippi

Heather Robinson.....Source: Facebook Heather Robinson.....Source: Facebook
Brenda Pinter Brenda Pinter
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RANKIN COUNTY, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

The man accused of killing two women in Mississippi a year ago is now back in Rankin County after answering to crimes out of state. Alex Deaton is facing multiple charges, including the murder of his then-girlfriend, 30-year-old Heather Robinson.

Deaton is behind bars in Brandon tor the first time since what prosecutors call senseless killings, and other crimes happened. He's already been convicted of attempted murder and armed robbery in Kansas and will stand trial for murder here next.

Rankin County District Attorney Michael Guest and a team of investigators who worked on the Deaton case outlined their plan to prosecute him to the full extent Monday. The charges in Rankin County are murder, drive-by shooting, and motor vehicle theft.

"Here in Rankin County, Mr. Deaton is looking at a potential maximum sentence of life in the penitentiary, plus 30 years," said District Attorney Michael Guest.

Deaton is also facing charges of murder out of Neshoba County for the shooting death of Brenda Pinter, who was found slain in the Dixon Baptist Church last February.

He's already sentenced to serve more than 17 years in Kansas, will be transferred back if convicted here.  Investigators are sharing information and evidence in the case that stretched across the country.

"The family has been very patient in seeing this process out," added Guest. "In meeting with them today, we were able to return to them a bible that was recovered in Kansas. We believe it to be Heather's bible so we were able to return it to the family today, at least of the belongings of their lost loved one." 

From Mississippi, Deaton could be transferred to New Mexico. Authorities there hold warrants for Deaton on the charges of kidnapping and auto theft.
Prosecutors say the charges between the three states should add up to several life sentences, all convictions to honor those that lost their lives in his cross-country crime spree.

"One thing I want to say that's more important to me," said Newly appointed Commissioner of the Department of Public Safety Marshall Fisher. "We talk about these offenders, we had a victim here named Heather Robinson, her name was Heather Robinson, she was a nurse she had a bright future, we don't need to forget that." 

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