Bricks, grenades, and more collected by Jackson TSA agents - - Jackson, MS

Bricks, grenades, and more collected by Jackson TSA agents

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Have you ever had to throw away some of your personal items at a TSA checkpoint before boarding a plane? 

Federal Security Director David Wynn said TSA agents have collected quite an assortment of items from passengers at the Jackson-Medgar Wiley Evers International Airport since November, including a brick, a part of a railroad track and even grenades.

“I don’t know why someone would think it’s okay to bring a grenade because once it goes through the x-ray, we don’t know whether it’s inert until we examine it,” Wynn said.

If caught with a banned item, it won’t only be confiscated, you could be arrested and fined.

The penalty could be heftier for certain banned items like guns.

In January, TSA agents at the Jackson airport found a loaded gun inside former Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour’s briefcase.

“We’ve had an increase of guns since 2015,” added Wynn. “We went from 15 to 27 to 32 guns that were attempted to be brought through the checkpoint last year. You’re definitely subject to arrest and the fine for bringing a loaded gun through the checkpoint is pretty severe.”

Wynn said guns can be packed inside checked luggage, however certain guidelines have to be followed.

Wynn suggests passengers check TSA's website for guidance on what can be packed inside carry-on bags and checked luggage.

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