Viral video shows exchange between Capitol Police officer and De - - Jackson, MS

Viral video shows exchange between Capitol Police officer and Delta Flaggers

Source: Facebook Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook Source: Facebook
JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Members of a pro-state flag initiative and a Capitol Police officer got into an altercation over the weekend at the Civil Right Museum.

The incident was captured on cell phone video, which has now gone viral.

The video shows an exchange of words between members of the Delta Flaggers and the Capitol Police officer.

Those carrying the state flag and others carrying the Confederate flag were told to leave the property as they tried to take a picture in front of the building.

"He's telling him 'it's a public sidewalk', but he's telling him 'you can't be here' and the man with the flag took offense to that," said Steve Miller, founding member of the group. "He said 'it's a public sidewalk and the state flag'. He's done no wrong and he's being told by the officer, 'you have no right to be here'."

At one point, the officer puts his hand on the flag and attempts to lead the flag carried to the street.

"The officer changed it to 'if you step foot on this grass, I'm going to have to throw you back in the street'," said Miller. "It's nobody's intention to step foot in the grass or go in the museum or anything."

Those supporting a new state flag initiative say they believe the Delta Flaggers weren't just lining up for a parade, but intentionally picking a fight at the museum, where the state flag is not flown.

"For me, knowing what I know about the Flaggers, it just appeared to me that they were taunting him. Personally taunting the officer," said Ashton Pittman, editor for Deep South Voice.

The Department of Finance and Administration declined to say if the officer was fired or re-assigned, citing that it was a personnel matter, but later Wednesday, Wardell Jackson, an African-American officer told the Associated Press he was fired Monday from the Mississippi Capitol Police and rehired Wednesday.

He says he is suspended until the following Monday and is being moved from day shift at the museum to night shift inside the state Capitol.

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