AMR asking families and businesses to re-vamp building and mailb - - Jackson, MS

AMR asking families and businesses to re-vamp building and mailbox numbers

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

There's safety in numbers - that's what AMR is telling families, saying making sure your building number is marked clearly at your home, could save lives.

AMR is asking families and businesses to help them, so they can help you.

"We can't help you until we find you, so it's absolutely critical - even in this day of GPS - to make sure your house number, your mailbox are well marked, so they can be easily seen by day or by night," said Jim Pollard with American Medical Response.

A mailbox or building number that's easy to see from the road by day or night can be a lifesaving landmark in an emergency, so make sure you have both!

"With curb markings for example, leaves, debris, even running water can block the view of the number," said Pollard. "Marked on both sides, because the rescue crew may not be coming from the same direction as your mail carrier."

House numbers should be four inches tall, in a color that contrasts with the background - preferably something reflective.

Mailboxes should be marked on both sides - and so should your house, if you live on a street corner.

And if you're comfortable with it, it helps to have your street and family name on your mailbox.

AMR’s tips to help public safety responders find your house or other building:

  • Replace or repaint faded mailbox addresses and building numbers.
  • Colors of numbers and letters should contrast with the background they’re against.
  • Numbers and letters should be at least four inches tall.
  • Use numbers and letters that reflect emergency vehicles’ headlights and spotlights.
  • Place building numbers where trees, shrubs, hanging baskets, chimes or other objects won’t block them.
  • If your home or other building is on a corner, post numbers facing both streets.   
  • Do not rely solely on a house or building number painted on the curb or planted in the lawn on a low sign.  Also post those numbers over the doorway or elsewhere up on the building.  Parked vehicles, tall grass, leaves and even running water can obstruct rescuers’ view of curb numbers and signs at ground level.

If you have a mailbox:

  • Put your family’s last name and street address on it.
  • Mark mailboxes on both sides because rescuers might not come from the same direction as your mail carrier.
  • Cut tall weeds and grass blocking the view of your mailbox.    

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