Surveillance cameras improve safety in Belhaven - - Jackson, MS

Surveillance cameras improve safety in Belhaven

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

The largest historic district in the state is a Jackson neighborhood and more eyes are now seeing what's going on there.

Belhaven is now watching the comings and goings in the neighborhood and soon hope to have surveillance cameras at every entrance.

"I suppose if you're not doing anything wrong, then you don't have anything to worry about," said recent Jackson transplant Sophie Sheerin.

The law student welcomes the idea of cameras monitoring the entrances into Belhaven.

The Oxford, England native recently moved to Jackson's historic neighborhood. 

"I've only been living here about a week, but the neighborhood seems very safe to me," said Sheerin. "That's the impression I've got, but it's good that you locals can feel safe and if the cameras help do that, then that's a really good thing."

"It's gonna be hard to ignore when you pull through our gates and you see the beautiful entryway and security cameras looking right at you," said Belhaven Improvement Association President Reed Hogan.

The first two surveillance cameras were installed last week at the entrance at Peachtree Street and Riverside Drive and at Greymont and Fortification Streets.

The BIA is raising money to purchase cameras to monitor the 27 entrances into the neighborhood.

"When you pull into Belhaven, we want people to know that you've entered a new spot," explained Hogan. "You've entered a special place. A place were people care about their neighborhood, where you're being watched, where you have neighbors that are engaged."   

The Day Night vision cameras can capture license plates and residents will also be able to use the data to assist them if there is a security issue.

The system costs about $6,000 per site and $75 per month for internet service. BIA also hopes to install security cameras at Laurel Park.

Residents can even sponsor a camera on their street. Click here if you want to make a tax deductible donation.

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