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FCC commissioner speaks at technology roundtable with Sen. Roger Wicker

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Like many states with large rural populations, Mississippi has a shortage of broadband service in those areas which may account for fewer jobs in the telecommunications and technology fields.

That's part of the mission of a roundtable discussion at Jackson State University Monday morning with Senator Roger Wicker and JSU President Dr. William Bynum.

Also at the table, FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr, announcing what the federal government is doing to help workforce development in states like Mississippi.

"It's hard enough to get broadband to a lot of rural parts of the country, rural parts of Mississippi," said Carr. "We have unnecessary red tape that raises the cost and slows it down. We need to do something about that. At the FCC where I work, we have a number of reforms that we are teeing up. We can hopefully get it across the finish line. That'll help."

WLBT General Manager Ted Fortenberry was one of the panelists discussing workforce education and industry collaboration and coordination at this roundtable discussion.

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