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Look out for tax scams and identity theft this tax season

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Tax season is upon us. That little boost of money is a nice treat to the spring season, but this season be on the lookout for people coming for your tax returns.

A scam has been circulating the country where people have been posing as debt collectors or IRS officials looking for money. Many people fell victim to the scam and Jackson is no different.

Local tax and financial specialists are telling their clients to be on the watch for phone calls looking for money back after getting their tax returns. The owner of Swift Financial and Tax Services, Daryl Berry, has been on top on the growing worry of fraud here in Jackson.

"People need to be careful and check with the IRS or the person that's helping them with their taxes," said Berry. "If someone calls you looking for money or if they say they're a debt collector who is owed money, just don't entertain them. They'll tell you to put money into a random account that has no connection to the IRS. Hang up and get in touch with the right people." 

Tax fraud is just the tip of the iceberg right now. The wave of online hacking and credit card fraud in the United States has grown over the past few years, which means people now need to be on top their finances even more.

"Identity theft is rising in the country too. People are opening credit cards and filing taxes under other people names and social security numbers," added Berry. "We really need to check with the IRS and financial experts to be on top of these things, because it can get out of hand. You can also get insurance on identity theft just to be sure in the future." 

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