Trucking goes high tech for safety - - Jackson, MS

Trucking goes high tech for safety

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Technology that is making passenger cars safer is now being implemented into the trucking industry.

For 55 years, KLLM transport services has been hauling goods in the Jackson metro.

Now through advancements in technology, they say their fleet is safer than ever.

"We have speed limiters on all of our trucks to govern the trucks, so we don't have speeding issues," explained CEO Jim Richards. "We have forward facing cameras that are event recorders, so in the event we have a problem, that is documented."

KLLM is now spending an average of 15,000 extra safety gadgets for each truck. 

That includes collision avoidance systems on the front that will brake the truck for the driver, lane departure warning systems and blind spot detectors that give the driver visual and audible warnings that vehicles are right next to them.

"We do this because it's the right thing to do," said Richards. "It gives us a better opportunity to return our drivers home safely to their families and also make sure that were one of the safest fleets on the road. It's really not a question on the investment, but the answer that it's the right thing to do."

Blowouts are common in truck accidents, but these are equipped with self inflating tires that tell the driver when the pressure is too low. 

KLLM officials say safety is their number one priority, for everyone on the road.

"All of this safety technology we're employing does give our drivers an edge," said Richards. "They're just tools to assist him to be a safer driver at the same time, the motoring public sure can help us. It's hard to see in a lot of places, so giving trucks space is always wise."

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