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Jackson residents stranded after road repair

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

The people who live on Wallace Street and Willie Avenue are going to need to find other living arrangements because currently, they are unable to get into their homes. Residents came home during the afternoon to a mound of mud with water running through it blocking their dead-end street. 

A City of Jackson construction crew arrived early Wednesday morning and took a large break, and then left without getting the job done. They were working on the street repairing a culvert that hadn't been updated in 70 years.

One resident, Carthy Beard, said he needed to find a hotel for the night and he needed someone to answer some questions about the moat on his street. 

"You think anyone is going to pay for this? Nope! We're all out here like a bunch of bums, because the city just doesn't care about us," said Beard. "It's obvious. If they really cared about us, they would be here working on my street. Instead, they laughed at us. People live here, I can't get into my house or on my street. We just want to be treated fairly like everyone else."

We reached out to Public Works Director Robert Miller about the situation, and this is what he had to say:

"It would be fair to say that we will work to resolve this tomorrow and that we regret the inconvenience caused to these residents."

But until the construction crew comes back Thursday morning, several residents will be out of their homes. 

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