Suspect accused in Castlewoods crime spree admits to stealing ho - - Jackson, MS

Suspect accused in Castlewoods crime spree admits to stealing homeowner's handgun, yogurt

Tyler Shaun Sullivan Source: Rankin Co. Sheriff's Dept Tyler Shaun Sullivan Source: Rankin Co. Sheriff's Dept
Source: Rankin Co. Sheriff's Dept Source: Rankin Co. Sheriff's Dept
RANKIN COUNTY, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

A suspect, arrested Thursday for a series of crimes at the Castlewoods Country Club, has admitted to more crimes -- this time against a resident.

After learning the identity of one of the suspects accused in the crimes, a resident of the neighborhood contacted authorities saying he had hired 18-year-old Tyler Shaun Sullivan to do some yard work. He also said his home had been burglarized around the same time. 

Investigators questioned Sullivan about the incident and he confessed to taking a handgun and some yogurt from the resident's home. He admitted to giving the weapon to a friend who then sold it on the streets. No word yet on what happened to the stolen yogurt. 

In addition to Sullivan, Rankin Co. deputies arrested two juveniles in connection to the crimes, which date back to Super Bowl weekend.

In early February, a driving range Yamaha Picker was stolen and left abandoned on the course. It was recovered the next day and brought back to the driving range only to be stolen Super Bowl night.

It was found a week later in a wooded area behind Arundel Drive where it had been intentionally burned beyond use.

Another incident happened on February 18 around 5 a.m. when two masked suspects broke into the Castlewoods Tennis Center and stole several items including energy bars, Gatorade and cash from the register. No high-value items were left unsecured that could have been stolen.

The next night, the same two suspects allegedly broke into the Tennis Center again and stole more items. This time they stole the entire cash register drawer, which held no cash, a “Mississippi Tennis” sweatshirt and some tools from the racket repair room. Based on their movement and their attempt to cover their faces, the two suspects knew there was a surveillance system in the building.

Around 9:38 p.m. the suspects were captured on surveillance trying to gain access through a rear door. Their attempt to make entry activated the alarm, triggering notification of one of the owners. The owner was on scene within minutes and the two criminals fled across the golf course.

Based on surveillance evidence, CCC employees were able to provide investigators with several persons of interest.

On Thursday investigators brought Sullivan in for questioning. Sullivan was caught lying to investigators and when confronted, police say his story began to unravel.

Sullivan confessed to the two burglaries at the Tennis Center and the one attempted burglary at the clubhouse. Knowing he was not on video stealing the Picker, he continued to deny any knowledge or involvement in that crime.

An investigator then confronted Sullivan with some evidence left on the scene which led to his confession of taking the Picker both times and eventually setting it on fire.

Sullivan then told investigators the second suspect was a 15-year-old co-conspirator who assisted in the entire crime spree. Investigators contacted that juvenile’s mother, who brought him to the Sheriff’s Department.

The teen was questioned as to his involvement and provided a full confession. He also indicated there was a third co-conspirator in the attempted theft of the Picker and the subsequent theft and destruction of the Picker. That individual is being identified as a 17-year-old.

Sullivan is being held without bond in the Rankin County Jail for two counts of business burglary, one count of grand larceny, one count of third-degree arson and two counts of conspiracy to commit a crime.

He will now have a residential burglary charge added to the list of charges.

Sullivan will be held without bond until his initial appearance before County Court Judge Kent McDaniel. Both juvenile co-conspirators have been taken to the Rankin County Juvenile Detention Center and will be seen by County Court Judge Tom Broome.

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