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CONSIDER THIS: Medical Corridor

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In his State of the State Address, Governor Bryant talked about the continued expansion of the medical corridor, envisioned as a healthcare-focused area stretching from the I-220 down Woodrow Wilson Avenue to I-55.

At I-220 sits Hawkins Field, a very important asset for the city, that can be the western anchor.

Travel down Woodrow Wilson and you will see ongoing construction of new health facilities. In fact, the corridor doesn’t’ stop at I-55, it extends down Lakeland Drive into Rankin County.

The Governor has proposed moving the Department of Public Safety and repurposing the headquarters building into a medical focused facility. He also supports tearing down Memorial Stadium, very valuable land in the medical zone, used only a few times each year for Jackson State sporting events.

If that happens, JSU would get a new athletic stadium on its downtown campus.

The medically focused initiative not only provides better healthcare options for Mississippians, it also is a major economic development tool creating more jobs and more capital investment.

The Governor has taken the lead on this initiative and hopefully before his term ends he can help move most of these projects from concept to reality.

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