Mating eagles return to Madison County - - Jackson, MS

Mating eagles return to Madison County

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MADISON COUNTY, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

They're back in the same nest, and have extended their family; two bald eagles calling Madison County home now have two heads poking out of their massive nest.

The eaglets are about 10 weeks old and are gathering the attention of residents in the area, even visitors from Tennessee.

"it's nice they stay here and raise their young," said Truett Smith who watches the nest every year. "They're not quite at the bald stage yet, the white heads."

Wildlife photographers are also keeping an eagle's eye on the nest.

Sandi Johnson of Brandon captured several incredible photos of the family of four.  She's watched the eagles raise two offspring last year.

Entergy of Mississippi even rerouted transmission lines, not to disturb them.

"Just the fascination, I could stand here all day and watch them," added Smith. "They represent the United States that's what I like.  I'm an army vet just nice to see them." 

While the parents sit on a branch watching the nest from a distance, you can see their kids getting restless. The eaglets are doing what's called fledgling, stretching their wings, practicing to take their first flight.

"You don't see a lot of them. When you do it's special," said Smith.

If you do see the eagles airborne, it won't be for long.  They're super fast and can reach the clouds in less than a minute; something these two plan to do in the coming days, as they join their siblings and parents in flight.

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