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CONSIDER THIS: Transparency not secrecy

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This week Jackson Mayor Lumumba signed an executive order NOT to release any mugshots of people shot by Jackson police officers. The mayor says parading the faces of those shot is insensitive to the families of those who lost their lives.

This order comes after a Jackson police officer shot and killed 37-year-old Lee Bonner over the weekend. There have been three officer-involved shootings since January 1st.

In every instance, we know very little about what happened. Police have been tight-lipped about each shooting. The suspects of these shootings, who some are calling victims, are no longer being identified. What’s most concerning is the public doesn’t know if these are justified shootings. Is it a string of unfortunate events or because the officers are not properly trained?

Consider This:

How about some transparency? Being a police officer is one of the most demanding, unforgiving, and thank-less jobs anywhere. Officers take an oath and wear a badge. When they wear that badge, they work for us… they represent us and protect us.

Unfortunately, the recent action by the city regarding information on police shootings is headed in the wrong direction. We need transparency, not secrecy and the people of Jackson deserve to know what is going on.

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