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3 on the Road: Birthday Dave

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Three on the Road is more like “Three on the PHONE” this time. That’s because “on the phone” is where most people are best acquainted with Birthday Dave.

This is kind of a fun story for me. Everybody has at least one day out of the year that is special for them and that is their birthday. And when someone ELSE remembers your birthday, it is even more special.


"Well I got three for today," said Dave.

And with that ‘Birthday Dave’ also known as David Dabney, starts out on his odyssey of calling everyone on his birthday list for today and wishing them a happy birthday and singing to them and imparting some special information to them that they may or may not have known, the day of the week on which they were born, for instance.

"Of course you already know you were born on a Sunday," said Dave.

Dave usually makes his calls from home.

Because that’s where Josiah is. He’s our Chihuahua. And he’ll howl," said Dave. 

"Happy Birthday To You!" sang Dave with his dog howling in the background.

This love affair for birthdays, or compulsion or whatever it is started for Dave in Junior high school as he would wish everyone he could happy birthday on their special day. And then after college and especially as social media grew, so did Birthday Dave’s calling list.

"Because it’s just something that’s personal," said Dave. "People appreciate that so much. And I’ve been calling people for ages. Especially since the 90’s. Calling them and singing Happy Birthday to them."

It’s such a little thing, remembering someone’s birthday. But it’s a big deal to them. Try forgetting your wife’s birthday sometime if you don’t think it’s a big deal. And what does Birthday Dave get out of taking time to call a bunch of people every day on their special day and remind them that they are remembered?

"I just enjoy blessing people," said Dave.

And who couldn’t use a blessing at least once a year?

"You were born on a Thursday. Bless your heart, brother. And I’ll talk to you later," sang Dave.

I’m looking forward to it, again next year.

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