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Mississippi's Congressional election match-ups are now official

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

March 1 is the qualifying deadline for Congressional elections. Mississippi voters will have options come June 5 when the primaries are held.
Some of the races are gaining early and even national attention.

Now that it’s a go for Chris McDaniel to challenge Roger Wicker, Millsaps political science professor Nathan Shrader says there's a common thread in the divisive race.

"Here's the thing that I think is very different about this time," noted Shader. "In the last GOP senate race in Mississippi, that was national news in 2014. If you listen to the rhetoric coming from both the McDaniel campaign in the Wicker campaign right now, this is an Election about who is the most compatible candidate with Donald Trump and Trumpism."

There are now six people total running in the Democratic Senate primary.

"If the Democratic primary but comes one that appears to be very competitive, it will maybe tamp down on the possibility that Democrats could be picked off to go vote in the open Republican primary," added Shrader.

But the state's Republican Party didn’t waste any time Tuesday in trying to make the connection to Washington. A release called David Baria, Chuck Schumer’s Mississippi man and part of the attempt for Dems to regain a Senate majority.

The Democrats now have someone running in every House and Senate race. The party says they've already been doing a lot of behind the scenes work to get ready.

”I believe that our current administrator in Washington right now has laid out the perfect groundwork for us as far, as messaging is concerned, to motivate people to get out and vote and vote Democrat," explained Jacqueline Amos, Mississippi Democratic Party Executive Field Director.

Shrader says it’s healthy to have candidates gearing up on both sides of the aisle.

"Any race when you have competitive primaries especially followed by contested general elections, that gives voters a reason to participate in the democratic process, that's a success," added Shrader.

To see a full list of candidates for all the Congressional races, click here.

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