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Hinds County accidentally releases robbery suspect

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RIDGELAND, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

On February 27, just two days ago, Kenneth Lewis was due in court in Madison County for a preliminary hearing for two commercial robberies in Ridgeland, but when they got to his name he was nowhere to be found. It was later learned that he had been released from the Hinds County Jail a week ago. 

"They can come in again and shoot me. Both. Both can come in again. Now I am saved but next time they shoot me and I die," said Mr. Kaur, owner of Lake Harbour liquors and Wines in Ridgeland. 

Mr. Kaur and his wife own Lake Harbour Liquors and Wines. Early last month they were robbed at gunpoint by two men. During the robbery, Mr. Kaur was shot in the abdomen. 

"He jumped over the counter. He was sitting here and he jumped up, said Mrs. Kaur. "He thought maybe it was a customer. He shows the gun. It's never happened."

A few weeks later the suspects tried to rob another store in Ridgeland but they failed. After a ten-minute police chase, Kenneth Lewis and Tremmaine Pettaway were arrested. 

During the arrest, Ridgeland Police recovered a gun. Using ballistics they were able to link that gun to the bullet that was shot into Mr. Kaur. With the evidence presented to them, both Lewis and Pettaway pleaded guilty. 

They were subsequently charged with two counts of robbery. Lewis received an additional charge of aggravated assault for shooting Mr. Kaur.

The Kaurs went back to work against their children's advice but now, things have changed.

"Ridgeland police are very good and they watch us. But this... this news isn't good," said Mr. Kaur.

When we spoke with Hinds County Officials they said that they called Madison County to see if there were any holds for Mr. Lewis. They say they were told that there was nothing in the system. so they released him. 

But when we met with Ridgeland Police Chief John Neal he said no such call was ever made. He says they need to stand up and take responsibility for their actions.

"In over 30 years in law enforcement, I have never seen anything like this, said Chief Neal. "There is a dangerous, dangerous man on our streets and we have to do everything that we can to get him off of them and in jail."

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