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3 on the Road: Delta Winter

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Mississippi Delta (Mississippi News Now) -

After all the rain we get most winters, I sometimes wonder if the levees, which were designed to keep the water OUT of the Delta, aren’t working in reverse, keeping water IN. But then again, wet and boggy fields draped in fog are more often the rule during the cold winter months in the Delta, than not.

I guess it’s that way even in the hills, too. But it’s more noticeable in the Delta where the land is so flat and most of it is barren of crops and uncultivated in winter, anyway. And the evergreen-less woods fringing the fields are about as bleak looking as the Delta dirt leading up to it. And this is what you see for miles and miles. And this is what’s been seen here every winter for a hundred and fifty years since the old-growth hardwoods were harvested and the open land left behind plowed and planted.

In the winter along comes the rain and the fog and the cold and the Delta looks like this, the plowed rows in the fields accented in silver giving the place some sort of symmetry.

I’ve mentioned it before, but it’s been a while so I’ll tell it again. We had an English teacher back in Greenville High School explaining to us students one winter day, her theory of why England produced so many good writers. She told us that since England is so fogbound and dreary that people there had to cultivate their imaginations to find places of delight, and for many that translated into creative writing.

So as I gazed out the window of the classroom about that time, seeing a landscape that looked about like this, suddenly I understood why the Delta produces so many good writers.

But after a week of rain in the Delta, you’d think God wouldn’t need a full 40 days to flood the whole world. About one more good week of this ought to do it. But the Delta is flat.

And then some winters, not all, but enough to make it special, you get enough cold weather to turn the woods into icy sculptures. And then there is the occasional Delta snow. Rare enough that you take pictures of it.

But remembering that the Delta was mostly a swamp less than 200 years ago, cleared and artificially drained, now and again in winter nature just reminds us who’s boss.

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