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EXCLUSIVE: Actor Jay Hunter previews his new movie

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

The much-anticipated movie, Tyler Perry's: Acrimony, starring Taraji P. Henson from FOX's hit show Empire hits theaters March 30. Jay Hunter is featured side-by-side with Henson in the movie, and also stars in the show If Loving You is Wrong.

The season finale of the TV drama just aired this past Wednesday, so Hunter had some free time. He sat down with us for an exclusive interview Sunday.

Hunter just finished up Season 4 of Tyler Perry's "If Loving You is Wrong". He began in Season 3 as a love-struck lawyer named Ian who falls in over his head.

"It's like this block full of drama, and one by one, I'm introduced to another crazy person from that block, and tied in, tighter and tighter, and interwoven into that chaos that's going on," said Hunter.

Hunter has another project coming out in just a few weeks: Tyler Perry's Acrimony

"It's just more drama. It really is!" laughed Hunter. "Basically, Taraji's character is named Melinda, and she has a situation with one guy that doesn't work out too well for her, so she enlists, I should say, another guy. That's me."

Hunter spent some time coaching football, and from there began teaching high school English and History. His motivation for each career - coaching, educating, and acting - actually has the same root motivation.

"I'm still giving back, I'm still teaching something," explained Hunter. "In the classroom, it was on a chalkboard. And just now, it's on the big screen, and instead of teaching someone something linear in a textbook, I'm making someone aware through an emotion. And that's still an educational thing."

Born in Buffalo New York, and living in L.A., Hunter had never set foot in Jackson before this weekend.

"That southern hospitality is real! Where I come from, everything is hustle and bustle, moving real fast. And here, everything is just kind of like, 'Hey, you need anything?' And I'm like 'Who are you?' That's just the way people are down here, and I actually love it - maybe I have to move!" exclaimed Hunter.

But despite being any cultural differences North to South, East to West, he thinks both Acrimony and If Loving You is Wrong can be relatable to anyone, at least on some level.

"The truth of the matter is, we all have drama. It's just how we deal with it. And things spiral out of control quite quickly. And a lot of times, it depends on the decisions you make," said Hunter.

Season 5 of If Loving You is Wrong is in the works.

Tyler Perry's: Acrimony hits theaters Friday, March 30.

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