Allergy season is here - - Jackson, MS

Allergy season is here

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Springtime is almost here which means allergy season is too. Here are some things that you can expect this season and how you can prepare.

Dr. Cheryl Fletcher of Allergy and Asthma Center says there are a number of things that you can do once you start experiencing allergy symptoms?

"We do allergy screen testing just to see what it is that may be causing problems," said Dr. Fletcher. "It may be tree pollen alone or it might be a combination of tree pollen, grass pollen, wheat pollen."

Once you have done this, speak to your doctor and figure out which allergy medicine is right for you. 

Some of you may not like taking over the counter medications. If that's the case there are natural alternatives, many of which you can find at the Rainbow Natural Grocery Store. Rainbow Natural Grocery sells natural, organic products that you can try. 

Alyssa Monk works at the grocery store and says one of the most effective products are probiotics. 

"You can find it in Kabucha, fermented foods," she said."

Also, having a few tablespoons of raw honey every day can do wonders. 

"It's going to work like the flu shot," added Monk. "It's going to put that pollen into your system in small increments and get your body used to it."

There are many ways to treat your allergy symptoms, as everyone is different. So, speak to your doctor or alternative specialist and find out what works best for you. 

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