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CONSIDER THIS: Downtown Crime

The Mississippi Sunshine Protection Act has a nice ring to it. Source: WLBT The Mississippi Sunshine Protection Act has a nice ring to it. Source: WLBT

We’ve said many times that Jackson cannot achieve its full potential if it doesn’t get a handle on the excessive crime throughout the city. To become the most radical city on the planet, as Mayor Lumumba likes to say, the city needs to radically reduce crime. The downtown area has the much potential, just like other urban cities across the region that have been transformed.

However, businesses will not want to invest and invigorate the city center if they are constantly concerned about crime. And people certainly will not want to live downtown if they don’t feel safe.

“This is our third time. The snack shop across the street has been broken into twice or three times. These two locations had extensive renovations, with new roofs and everything, to bring back Capitol Street," said Cowboy's Saloon General Manager J.R, Durham. "And there is probably another 100 million dollars being invested this year on this street. And we deserve better than this from the city of Jackson.”

The resurgence of downtown will stall unless the city addresses and significantly reduces criminal activity. If city leaders will focus on addressing crime downtown, that effort will gradually spread to areas surrounding downtown, ultimately making the entire city safer The business manager is right, the businesses investing in downtown deserve better from the city of Jackson. 

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