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Mississippi's new 15-week abortion law temporarily blocked by judge

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Mississippi's new abortion law, the most restrictive in the country, is temporarily on hold.

The court proceedings only lasted around an hour. 

Judge Carlton Reeves' ruling is just two pages, saying, "The Supreme Court says every woman has a constitutional right to 'personal privacy' regarding her body".

He goes on to say states can't prohibit her from making that choice to have an abortion before viability.

The Jackson Women’s Health Organization filed the challenge and request for a temporary restraining order within an hour of the Governor signing the bill.

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The challenge came as no surprise to Governor Bryant either. Check out what he said while signing the bill into law Monday.

"And we're probably going to be sued here in about half and hour," he said while signing the bill. "That'll be fine with me."

The clinic's director also anticipated the law would be immediately challenged. This is what she said back in February.

"I think it should be fought for," said director Shannon Brewer. "Not for our benefit at this clinic but for women's benefit because then you're telling them what they can and can't do."

The law bans abortions after 15 weeks. The only exceptions are if the woman is experiencing a medical emergency or in case of a severe fetal abnormality.

The abortion clinic says they want an immediate halt to the law. They have a woman, who is in her 15th week of pregnancy, scheduled to come in at 2 p.m. Tuesday for an abortion procedure.

Even if the law is paused, the procedure can only be done Tuesday because the clinic doctors won't be available again for eight days, in which time she will be in her 16th week of pregnancy. In that case, she would have to leave the state to have the procedure done because even before the new law took effect the clinic’s cutoff was 16 weeks.

Now, there has been a divide between what the law allows and the abortion clinic's policy.

Mississippi's previous law banned abortions after 20 weeks, but the clinic only performed them up to 16 weeks.

So, it's really a one week window in question with the new law.

Groups like Planned Parenthood argue the ban violates prior rulings that say a state can't restrict abortions before a child can survive on its own outside the womb.

"This is not a perfect world," said Brown-Williams. "In a perfect world there would never be an unintended pregnancy. In a perfect world, no person would every be sexually assaulted. And in a perfect world, every pregnancy would be wanted, safe, and healthy. That is simply not the case."

The law will be blocked for 10 days while Judge Reeves decides whether to extend that through the rest of the legal fight.

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