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Vicksburg boys discover prehistoric animal bones

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VICKSBURG, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

A group of Vicksburg boys made a prehistoric discovery during their spring break. Twelve-year-old Caid Sellers, his brother 10-year-old Shawn Sellers and their 10-year-old cousin Michael Mahalitc found a Mastodon jaw bone not far from their home. Mastodon’s are a type of pre-historic elephant.  

“One day we were just out and about doing yard work, walking around the woods like we normally do and stuff when we’re bored,” said Caid. “I ran up on what I thought was a log and I flipped it over and I saw teeth and I said Shawn and Michael, we gotta take this up to the house!”

Caid said they had some trouble carrying the jawbone home, and after failed attempts to drag it home on a rope, and then by golf cart, they lugged what they thought was a dinosaur jaw home after calling Caid and Shawn’s dad.

The boys’ parents didn’t believe the kids until they saw it for themselves.

“I was pretty sure they just had a log or a stick,” said Lynette Welch, Caid and Shawn’s mother. “They’re kids. I didn’t really think there was a dinosaur tooth, which is what they were saying.”

Michael’s parents were also shocked by their discovery.

“There’s no way,” said Jeff Hearn, Michael’s father. “I figured it’d be a cow. There’s no way I figured it’d be a dinosaur."

After taking it to the Mississippi Museum of Natural Science last week, the boys learned the jaw belonged to a mastodon, and that their bones are commonly found in Mississippi.

 “The American Mastodon is the one that’s found so prevalently around here,” said George Phillips, paleontology curator at the Mississippi Museum of Natural Science. “We get pretty regular reports of these discoveries over the course of a year. Obviously, this is fossil central here at the museum, I network with a lot of fossil collectors all over the state and the remains of mastodons are being found almost all over the state particularly in west central Mississippi and Northeastern Mississippi.”

The boys say they plan to keep the mastodon jawbone and preserve it. 

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