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Tensions run high at Vicksburg meeting

The city of Vicksburg has seen an uptick in crime recently. Just Wednesday, a man was shot and killed.

Thursday night city leaders held a community meeting to get input from the community.

"There are multiple shootings in my neighborhood; early mornings, afternoons and night," said one of the people who spoke at the meeting.

The topics ranged from gun violence, how dangerous the city is to business security and the police department.

The first on the agenda was the new gun ordinance.

"Any person found guilty of firing a firearm within the city of Vicksburg shall be fined $500 dollars and imprisoned for 30 days," said an attorney for the city.

This however, does not apply to police officers or to a person using a firearm in self-defense or the defense of others.

The meeting ended with club and restaurant security.

"It is not our responsibility to make your club safe. It is your responsibility, " said the mayor speaking to an owner of a club where a shooting took place earlier this year. 

Opinions were heard, voices were raised but at the end, people got the chance to be heard. 

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