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Jackson residents demand a solution to ongoing raw sewage leak

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Residents of a Jackson community want to know who is responsible for repairing a broken sewer line in their neighborhood. Several residents along Sage Street said they have been dealing with raw sewage seeping into their yards for quite some time.

Jackson Councilman Kenneth Stokes said Atmos Energy hired another company by the name of Miller, to repair and replace gas lines in the neighborhood about a year ago.

Stokes said in the process of doing work, a sewage line was damaged. Residents have been dealing with raw sewage issues ever since then.

Sarah Pittman is a longtime resident of Sage Street and is just one of many affected by the raw sewage.

“I’ve been living here for 44 years and I’ve never had problems with sewage or anything until Miller came out and dug,” said Sarah. “I have the pictures here to show what they did. When they bust the pipe in my yard, it was just like a river from 3:00 in the afternoon to 2:00 that morning before they got it fixed.”

Pittman said the water was so high, she had to park her vehicle up the street at her neighbor’s house and she said she steps into mud now everytime she leaves her home.

“It took them like 4 months to put some gravel down,” added Sarah. “They didn’t want to. They came out and one of the gentlemen said we’re not going to fill the whole yard and I said yes, you are. I have the pictures here that show that you all washed all the gravel out of my yard and all I had was mud.”

Pittman said the sewage leak has even affected her ability to do laundry and because she lives on a fixed income, she can’t afford to take her clothes to a laundromat.

Sarah’s husband, Jessie Pittman, said he tried to contact Miller about the leak but has not gotten a response.

“They came out and they called themselves patching it. It did for a while but It broke loose when it got cold and we’ve been having problems ever since then,” said Jessie. “I went down to the city a couple times to ask them about it and they told me Miller was responsible for it. I called them several times and talked to one guy one time and last time I called, I never got anybody. We’ll get back in touch with you, that’s all they told me.”

The Pittmans said they hope the issue is resolved before someone gets sick.

Bertha Reese is another resident affected by the sewage leak and she said her sewage line is currently stopped up.

Reese said she contacted the City of Jackson last week and was told her line running through the street was operating correctly but her line was not and that she needed to hire a plumber.

Reese did hire a plumber to fix the line in her yard, but she said it wasn’t long before the issue came back.

“I can’t pay a plumber again to come back and correct that,” Reese said. “I have dogs back there and that sewage comes out of there and goes straight back there.”

Reese said she was told the problem lies where her sewage line connects to the city’s line, and that someone with the city needed to come out to repair it.

“Every time somebody comes out when its stopped up, they have to tap into the city line but they can’t tap into it, they have to ramrod it and I can’t pay nobody that often to that. Matter of fact, it takes from me.”

Reese said she has not tried to contact Atmos Energy.

The residents in this area are not only concerned about the financial burden of attempting to make these repairs, they are also concerned about their health.

“We believe that raw sewage could become a health issue for this whole community,” said Councilman Kenneth Stokes. “Someone could get sick, someone could die, and we’re hoping that someone will do the right thing. Come in this community, a community you tore up, and let’s fix the problem.”

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