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Locals growing frustrated with bridge closures

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Road closures in Jackson are growing and locals are not happy with the detours. One bridge, in particular, is currently giving drivers headaches.

The north side of Henderson Rd. now has a large dirt pile and two plastic roadblocks. The closure at the intersection of McCleur and Henderson came as a surprise to drivers because now people have to drive miles out of the way around the roadblock to get out of their neighborhood. 

The city didn't release any information, but to the people that live in the neighborhood on Henderson Road, they said a construction crew told them the bridge was closed because of the wood piling under the bridge weathering away. 

This closure has become an inconvenience to drivers, but one problem a volunteer firefighter poses draws even more concern to the bridge closures.

Bill Alyea, a volunteer fireman, worries response times to emergencies will now suffer because of the closures. 

"We have to go miles and miles around the closure and go through other parts of town just to get to one spot. It's not a good decision to have a closure like this," said Alyea. "Emergency vehicles and police will be behind if anything happens. It's going to take 6 to 18 months to fix it, but it takes a couple months just to repair the interstate."

"In an emergency call, time is your most critical thing. I doubt emergency services know about this. There weren't any contingency plans made, and we don't want to have any issues trying to get to people who are in trouble," added Alyea.

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