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N. State Street reconstruction underway in Fondren

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Whenever construction comes to a neighborhood you would assume that businesses would have to adjust for a potential decrease in sales and foot traffic... but not in Fondren.

"The construction in Fondren is actually a good thing. It's going to be great for everybody when it's done," says Sam Peters owner of the Fondren Corner.

The project to improve the Northside's busiest neighborhood has begun. It's called the North State Street Reconstruction Project.

The $19.6 million dollar project will rebuild almost two miles of North State Street from Hartfield Street to Sheppard Road. But like all construction projects, there are inconveniences.

"We are having some logistical issues during construction but everyone around seems to be on board and it's not hurting business at all, says Peters.

He would know, his family owns the building plus one of the restaurants inside.

Max Shepard manages Rooster's and Basil's. He says business is good, except for the parking.

"Business is great. Parking is a little problem but come on out. It's nice to walk around and meet people. Business is good so come on in," he said.

So you heard what the businesses think. What about the customers?

Jonathan Dryer is a regular customer of many of the restaurants but he says that convenience is important to him.

"From my perspective as a customer, whether or not I make a decision to come over here and eat is based on convenience."

No matter how great business is, parking is and will forever be the biggest inconvenience when it comes to construction.

"If I have to walk and park thirty yards, it's like going to Walmart. If there are no parking spots in the front when you go to Walmart, you're like damn I don't know if I'm going to go there, I'm going to go to Walgreens," said Dryer. "Ya know I can park right in the front, go in and be out. Yeah might pay an extra $2 but it's faster."

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