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Women's Final Four: Blair Schaefer has bond with ET's Kevin Frazier

We all know the athletic Blair Schaefer. You know, the one that averages about 10 points a game for a team that's competing in a National Championship Sunday night.

But, let's get to know the broadcasting version of Blair. Last summer she landed an internship with Entertainment Tonight and grew an ever-lasting relationship with the show's host, Kevin Frazier.

"The most important thing I learned was that you can have so much fun doing your job every single day and it won't feel like a job if you love what you do," Schaefer said. "I mean, he works so hard at what he does but it's not a job because you come to work every day, so passionate, love the people you work with, so if you can find a job like that, then you're winning."

And winning the heart of Frazier is what Blair was able to accomplish. The two have kept a close connection since that internship and Frazier surprised Blair with a visit in Columbus this week.

"I started crying yesterday when I saw him with his wife and kids that showed up. I was like, "Oh my God!" We've been saying that we wished he could make a game this year and he's been trying to make it work, but he has to film all week so it's really difficult. Super pumped that he's here and awesome to know him. He has so many connections and I know that he's always here for me for anything that I need, so that's awesome."

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