The Hindu Festival of Flowers Comes to Flowood - - Jackson, MS

The Hindu Festival of Flowers Comes to Flowood

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FLOWOOD, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Happy Holi, screamed one festival goer. That was the kind of energy that today's festival created.

PJ and his brother own Taste of India in Clinton. he says,

"There is some religious essence to it but mostly all there is is love said P.J., who owns Taste of India in Clinton with his brother. "So spreading the love is really the holy spirit of our religion.

The festival announces the arrival of Spring and the passing of winter. It's about "rejuvenation, rebirth, Spring."

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People, young and old, cover themselves and others with color; red, green, yellow, blue and silver.

"With things coming out of the earth with color. That's why we throw color at each other," said one attendee originally from India who now lives in Jackson.

Liquid colors are used in India but dry, colored flour or yeast was used today.

Ramesh Madali is the Secretary of the Hindu Temple. He says there are many conservative communities in India. Throwing the color at one another gives people a chance to come out of their shells.

"With the colors, they hug each other. It reflects the love they have for each other," said Madali.

The color, noise, and music together create a feeling of oneness.

"All different parts of India are here. Punjabi, South Indians, Bengal's, said Katan Desai.

"The Hindu religious celebration, Holi, is all about color but the food awakens the senses," added P.J. "Samosas with mango chutney and mint chutney,"

PJ  says that authentic Indian cuisine is made up of sugar and spice and everything nice.

"All the yellow in the curry comes from Tumeric which is from the family of ginger. It is a very popular spice used in all cuisine in India," said P.J.

Peter is the owner of the Indian Oven

"She was cooking garbanzo beans with onions and fresh tomatoes and everybody like it. He says this as he point to a big vat," added P.J.

It's no coincidence that we  have St. Patrick's Day, Easter, the Chinese Festival of Flowers and Passover. They are all examples of liberation, rejuvenation and celebration

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