Richard Boyanton challenges Wicker's senate seat - - Jackson, MS

Richard Boyanton challenges Wicker's senate seat

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

The republican senate race has a new candidate to run against the incumbent, senator Roger Wicker.

Richard Boyanton of Hancock County announced that he'll be running as a Republican. He aims to shorten the terms of senate seats and clean up government spending.

"When you have  $16 trillion increase in a deficit on your watch, you no longer belong in Washington. We need to make a change now in Mississippi," said Boyantan. "That, and I think that 12 years for someone in congress should be it, and then you go home. Right now if we did that, every high position would be ran by different people, half of Congress would be gone, and we probably can get something solved."

The former businessman was the president of Scott Fence Company in New Orleans and in Mississippi.

Boyantan also agrees with the president on policing and enforcing the border between the United States and Mexico. 

"We either need to put troops on the border to protect illegal immigrants from coming through to our country and to stop drugs. I'm amazed that we can put up a satellite and see caves in Afghanistan, and we can't figure out where the drugs are in Mexico. I find that to be awfully strange," he said. "Makes we wonder if someone is getting paid money or something. I just can't fathom us keep letting them through all the time. We have a good many illegal aliens in my county. Our county on drugs is also unbelievable."

Boyanton is the only competition for Senator Wicker come this November. 

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