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FACEBOOK USERS: Check your 3rd party apps

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People are now beginning to realize that, while Facebook is free for users, it collects information about users and sells it to advertisers.

"I'm just hoping that I don't get an email about it actually," says one Facebook user. 

Facebook began alerting almost 90 million users on their news feeds about whether their personal data may have been shared with Cambridge Analytica, a data mining firm.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is apologetic, but some Facebook users expect more.

"I think that they should definitely be more deliberate about protecting people's data," says another Facebook user. "I think that it's very wrong to not be."

Lisa Collins teaches social media in Loyola's School of Mass Communications in Louisiana. She has this suggestion:

"You should go to your apps settings, and there you can see what third-party apps you're using. You might have taken a quiz years ago and you've forgotten,  but that app may still be drawing data from your profile, and so it's really important to see what is being collected from your profile and how you can either contact the app-maker, or disconnect from that app completely," she recommends. "Facebook Messenger is a third-party app technically, so you could decide as a consumer I want to keep some, Instagram and Snapchat, I want to drop these other ones."

The hashtag #deletefacebook cropped up following the Cambridge Analytica data scandal, and now Facebook has suspended another app firm, CubeYou. 

"And I think they are doing a pretty good job now to be transparent about how they use your data, but it's up to the consumer ultimately," says Collins. "It's up to the user to figure out, am I comfortable with this level of data sharing."

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