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Facebook's high-tech assumptions about users surprise them

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What does your Facebook page say about you?

Many users around the metro-area, taking notice of the content Facebook thinks they like when sharing ads on the social media site.

Facebook now shares the categories advertisers look at to connect users with their products, including a user’s race, how often they travel and their political beliefs. 

According to the app, the social media site adds you to specific categories based on the information you’ve provided on Facebook and other activity.

Some users just found out Tuesday how they can view that content in their account settings, and they were shocked by the results.

“All of them are pretty accurate except for multicultural affinity, it says African-American and U.S. politics says very conservative, which I wouldn’t say that I’m very conservative, I’m just not really politically minded in that kind of way,” said Millsaps College student Annemarie Loftin. “I think they see what I like and instead of putting random ads that I don’t care about, they try to find something that I’m interested in which that’s cool, it’s kind of creepy but it’s not something I would worry about.”

Jackson resident Salvo Blair said he heard about the categories and was curious about what his profile said about him.

“I followed some directions to find what political persona I had,” Blair said. “They had deduced that I was very liberal, and I think it’s a fair assessment. I don’t consider myself very conservative by any means. I would like to be considered a moderate. So, it was just interesting to feel that, that had been assessed by either what I clicked on in the past or statements I’ve made. I’m not sure exactly how they got that political viewpoint, but it was interesting to see first-hand.”

Blair also said he didn’t think Facebook accurately paired him with advertisements that interest him.

“They were silly types of things that I would not really consider buying,” Blair said. “It was like Windows 10 or something. I guess it thought I was a computer guy, and I felt uninterested by what it thought I was interested in.”

Follow these steps to find this information on your account:

  • Go to your settings
  • Click on account settings
  • Click on ads
  • Click on your information
  • Click on review and manage your categories 

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